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Anonymous asked: not again, i spent al my money before you do a sale i think i'm cursed no actually i'm pretty sure i am

Well it might be a while until all of these slots are filled. So feel free to message me off anon when/if you want a commission.

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Extending my sale on FA over to tumblr. I’m almost at my PC goal and I need to save up for a tablet next! (also my lil Bro’s birthday’s coming up and I promised I’d buy him a specific game ) So I have a LOT of slots open right now.

These sketches don’t take me long at all so USD$10 is what I’m charging.

Slots are here. Feel free to send me a note here or on FA to discuss terms of your commissions. Rules are as follows.

  • character must be 18 or older
  • you are paying  for a thigh-up image like above.
  • these are not XXX commissions so no insertion or etc
  • All genders are accepted! Everyone deserves cute undies.
  • You can get as many slots as you want, but you won’t be added to the list of buyers and I can’t start work unless I’m paid beforehand.
  • each additional character in an image counts as another commission. So you can have 5 characters in the sketch but it would count as if it were 5 separate commissions and take up 5 slots.
  • If you don’t know what you want your character in you can tell me a bit about your character and I can design some nice undies.

I only accept paypal. Don’t be shy with me about who you might want me to draw I’m pretty open to drawing anybody!

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